Professional Mold Consultations

Mold Safe Solutions offers professional one-hour consultations that will help answer your questions and concerns in order to give you real solutions to your mold problems.

Our consultations will save you hours and hours of research and also a lot of money by helping you not make any costly mistakes. They can literally save you thousands of dollars by making sure you do not make any mistakes and they can also save your health and your family’s.

Please keep in mind that your questions can relate to anything about toxic mold. Here are some quick examples of types of questions and problems that we can help you with:

* What type of mold testing should I have done?

* Should I hire a professional mold inspector or perform a Do It Yourself (DIY) home mold test kit?

* I hired another mold testing or inspection company and I need to interpret the results and instructions on what to do next?

* Should you hire a mold remediation company or can I do it myself?

* Is the mold in my home really bad where I should move or can it be removed safely?

* What type of diet and health protocol do recommend?

* Can I sue my landlord or the people who sold me the home?

* Where is the best places to live to recover from a mold illness?

These are just some examples of the questions that you can ask.

Our professional mold safe consultations are conducted over Skype or the phone. You will be given a questionnaire to fill out before the consultation in order to get the details of your story so we can be fully prepared to give you safe solutions to your problems.

The cost is only $100 for a one-hour consultation and $50 for every additional half hour. We guarantee that they will save you time and money and possibly your health.

Don’t waste your money, precious time or your health by doing this all alone.

To order a professional mold consultation, please call us at 1-855-786-MOLD (6653) or fill out the online contact form below.

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