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All professional Mold Safe Solutions inspections are completed by certified mold inspectors who go above and beyond what other inspection companies offer.

Our professional inspectors will do a complete visual examination of your property from the outside to the inside and from top to bottom. What we do is similar to a complete home inspection but will also check for water damage, moisture intrusion, musty odors, visible signs of mold, indications of hidden mold growth and for conditions that may be conducive to mold growth.

In addition to a visual inspection, we will also do a deep forensic inspection that looks inside your walls, ceiling, and floor using our moisture meters and thermal image leak detector to search for hidden water damage and mold.

All moldy smells and mold spores have a source, and identifying the source is the goal of an inspection.

Once your property is inspected, we will test it for mold growth with our specialized air sampling machine. The inspector will also normally take three air samples (two indoor and one outdoor). They will then be sent to a certified indoor air quality (IAQ) testing laboratory for analysis. You can also add extra samples for a fee.

Last but not least, after the inspection is performed, we will give you a free 30-minute professional consultation in order to discuss the testing results and help you determine your next steps. Our consultations can save you a lot of time, headaches and money.

To get a free quote, please call 1-760-818-6830 or fill out the online form below.