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Mold Safe Solutions specializes in mold inspections, testing, and mold removal. We offer safe, effective, and affordable solutions to our clients.

As one of the top mold inspection and remediation companies in Southern California, we have worked with hundreds of property owners, managers, Homeowner’s Associations, insurance companies, and real estate agents on their tough mold projects.

Through our commitment to achieving the best results for our clients, we utilize the most advanced techniques in the industry to ensure that all of our client’s properties are mold-free and safe.

We also specialize in helping our clients understand the process with personalized service combined with professionalism, expert knowledge, and affordable services is what differentiates Mold Safe Solutions from the rest.

This commitment level has helped Mold Safe Solutions build a remarkable track record of delivering awesome results for our clients day after day.


Moe Bedard – Founder & President





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