It is nice to read articles about mold in the media like the one below where the experts they quote actually tell the truth and are not some paid shills who get money to lie and or omit crucial information. These type of people are hard to find in a day and age where lying and shilling for a living pay handsomely.

AmiteToday.com reports, “Two Southeastern Louisiana University chemists, Dr. Georgina Little and Dr. Daniel Barnes, say that indirectly, black mold can produce potentially fatal conditions in the elderly or persons with a compromised immune system. The mold spores are breathed into the lungs and nasal passages, where it creates a welcoming environment for pneumonia or other respiratory infections that could lead to serious illness.

Little and Barnes say black mold is not to be treated lightly, and precautions should be taken to prevent inhalation of the mold and its spores, such as by wearing an industry approved face mask with an N-95 or better rating. They are available at almost all building supply and hardware stores.

Black mold is just one of many species of mold that can cause human discomfort.

Little says based on her research, black mold has received a bad rap as being the source of potentially serious health problems, but in fact it may not be any more dangerous than some other types of mold that can cause allergy and respiratory illnesses. But the very fact that black mold and others can cause these conditions is reason enough to categorize them as dangerous and definitely worthy of the utmost respect from the standpoint of the health problems they can cause.

Anyone working in conditions where they are exposed to air borne mold spores in large concentrations, such as inside flood damaged buildings, should monitor themselves for possible mold infection. Barnes says to take note of symptoms such as those produced by allergies, especially those similar to hay fever – sniffling, sneezing or coughing.
“Those conditions are a good indication you have inhaled mold spores,” he says.

If such symptoms persist, it would be best to see a doctor and tell him or her about having worked in an environment conducive to the formation of large volumes of mold spores.

Even under the relative ideal conditions of low humidity and moderate temperatures that would inhibit mold formation, mold spores can be found in abundance in every home. Like a seed, they can lie dormant for years, then burst forth into full blown mold with high levels of moisture and heat, such as is usually found in conjunction with flooding.

Barnes says the more spores that are in the air, the better the chance of inhaling them in sufficiently large numbers to create a reaction in the lungs or respiratory system. It is similar to the dispersion of pollen in spring, when the fine particles fill the air, causing people’s eyes to water, sneezing and coughing.

If mold is inhaled and causes a condition such as pneumonia, it could be fatal for the elderly or those with a weak immune system.

Even more seriously, it could potentially cause a condition called anaphylaxis that could quickly restrict the air passages and suffocate the person.”

SOURCE: http://www.amitetoday.com/local/professors-warn-black-mold

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