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If you think you have mold illness, there’s a way out

“If you think you have mold illness, there’s a way out. It might be a long way out, but there’s a way out. There’s hope. But you have to find a practitioner that can help you deal systematically with the mold illness. One, you have to get rid of it in your...

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Mold and toxic chemicals in your carpet

You may not be aware that your carpets are highly toxic. In fact, they may be making you ill, or worse yet, it could be slowly killing you and your family. Carpet is one of the main reasons why indoor air is 2-5 times more unhealthy than outdoor air on most days. What...

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What is Aspergillus?

It has been estimated by scientists, that there are 600,000 deaths annually worldwide as a result of this fungus. Aspergillus is a genus of fungi (molds) that is one of the most common and deadly organisms in existence. There are over a few hundred species that can...

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Mold Causes Inflammation

Many people who have been exposed to toxic mold will experience many symptoms such as inflammation in various part of their bodies. The reason this occurs is that inhaling the spores of mold (fungus) which contain mycotoxins produces an immune reaction in...

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Bob Dylan Almost Died From a Fungal Infection in 1997

There have been many celebrities over the years whose lives had been affected by their exposure to mold.  For example,  in 1997, American folk rock singer and songwriter Bob Dylan had to cancel a two-week European tour because he got so sick after contracting a...

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California Mold Laws

On October 9, 2015, California Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 655 which adds visible mold growth to the list of dangerous health conditions which define substandard housing in the state’s Health and Safety Code.(Cal. Health & Safety Code §17920.3). This is...

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Antifungal Medications Help Autistic Children the Most

I would like to share with you an interesting survey from 2009 by the Autism Research Institute of over 27,000 parents’ reports that parents find antifungals, diets, and supplements to be the most effective remedies for improvement in their autistic children. I...

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Molds Survive at 33,000 Feet in the Air

“However, they also may be transmitting diseases from one side of the globe to the other. The researchers found E. coli in their samples (which they think hurricanes lifted from cities), and they plan to investigate whether plagues are raining down on us.” A team of...

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CDC Initiates First Fungal (Mold) Awareness Week

This is beyond HUGE BREAKING NEWS from the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC)! News that may equate to a nation who become aware of how dangerous fungi 9molds) are and a future where those who have been sickened by these deadly parasites will know the exact cause...

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Why you should be supplementing with zinc

In my last article, Zinc Deficiencies: How toxic mold steals zinc from your body, I explained how pathogenic molds (fungi) like candida and aspergillus steal our zinc (Zn) which often leads to a zinc deficiency. When someone is deficient in any vitamin and or mineral,...

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