US Military Offers Mold Prevention & Cleaning Tips to Soldiers

In my experience, most people in the U.S. military do not know about the dangers of mold. I have worked with both the Navy and Marines on projects at their bases here in San Diego County and found that most military personnel were clueless to how dangerous mold can be and how to properly protect […]

CDC Report Says Mold Can Cause Various Illnesses and Diseases Such as Cancer

This is an interesting report on molds that was posted on theĀ Centers for Disease Control (CDC)Ā website titled, ā€œMold Prevention Strategies andĀ Possible Health Effects in the Aftermath of Hurricanes and Major Floods.ā€ The report was originated by theĀ National Center for Environmental Health,Ā Agency for Toxic Substances Disease Registry, Howard Franklin, MD, Director, and theĀ Division of Environmental Hazards […]

CDC Initiates First Fungal (Mold) Awareness Week

This is beyond HUGE BREAKING NEWS from the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC)! News that may equate to a nation who become aware of how dangerous fungi 9molds) are and a future where those who have been sickened by these deadly parasites will know the exact cause of their illness or disease. This is […]

Toxic Mold: How militaries use molds as weapons of mass destruction

There is a big debate going on in the world of mold (fungus) that is tearing families, communities and peopleā€™s health apart. The debate is over a simple answer to the questions, ā€œIs mold truly harmful to our health thatĀ it can cause people to get sick and possibly die or Is mold a harmless organism […]


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