The Science of Haunted Houses and Toxic Mold

People who have reported about haunted homes claim to suffer from literally the same mental and neurological symptoms as the health effects of toxic mold exposure. Effects that modern science has verified causes very similar problems to haunting episodes such as severe psychosis, hallucinations, anxiety, and depression. These hidden links between haunted homes and toxic […]

How to create a clean room in a toxic moldy home

There are many people who are living in water damaged and moldy properties who do not have the capability to move from their current residence. They simply do not have the financial, mental, and or physical resources to do so. The main reason I have found this happens is that they do not enough money […]

How to check the mold counts and air quality in your city

People who have toxic mold sickness and or allergies need to do their best to avoid mold as best they can. Healing from mold exposure is both a proactive and vigilant process in which you must have a daily routine and protocol you need to follow in order to get well. I have found that […]

Christmas tree syndrome and allergies

Christmas tree syndrome is an illness associated with allergies and or asthma caused by freshly cut Christmas trees. Most people falsely assume that pine tree pollen is the culprit but, in fact, it’s not the tree itself – it’s the mold that thrives on its branches that can trigger weeks of allergy attacks and asthma […]

Mold Produces Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

“As mold grows, it gives off carbon dioxide. Therefore, if there is a CO2 spike, there is likely an increase of mold activity.” Dr. Paul Armstrong, Researcher with the USDA One of the major symptoms of mold exposure is the poisoning of the body and air by carbon dioxide (CO2) that is released by mold (fungal) spores […]


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