Astromycology: Why aliens are molds (fungi)

“Imagine a microscopic web that spans the entire cosmos. An intergalactic ecosystem. An infinite number of roads leading everywhere.” Astromycology is the study of aliens and to be more precise, alien molds also known in Latin as fungi. A scientist who specializes in this field of alien fungi is known as an astromycologist. On the […]

The Best Respirator for Mold

When you go to your local hardware store or Home Depot, there are many face respirators that you can choose from but there is only one type that is rated to protect you from tiny mold spores that are small as .03 microns. If you get the wrongly rated mask, they won’t protect you properly. […]

Mold Smells

Some people have very strong reactions to the smells given off by molds. They can smell mold a mile away while other individuals seem to be immune to the nasty odors. I’m one of those people who can detect mold just about anywhere with my nose. In fact, when I do not smell it, I […]

How to determine if you have hidden mold in your home or property

If the answer is “yes” to any of the following questions, it is possible that there could be hidden mold in your home or building. * Is there a musty smell in the property? * If you smell mold that most likely means there is mold in the building. The smell is actually from volatile compounds […]

What is mold?

Molds are microscopic organisms that are neither a plant or animal. They are of a kingdom of their own and are parasitic creatures who live off its host whether it be a plant, animal, humans, and or just about any carbon structure. They breathe in oxygen and excrete carbon dioxide (CO2) and can be found living […]

Mold in Heating and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)

One of the favorite access points and hiding places for toxic molds (fungi) to get into your home is through your heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC). Our company comes across a lot of properties that have heating and air conditing systems that are contaminated with various types of toxic molds (fungi). What you need to […]

What is Aspergillus?

It has been estimated by scientists, that there are 600,000 deaths annually worldwide as a result of this fungus. Aspergillus is a genus of fungi (molds) that is one of the most common and deadly organisms in existence. There are over a few hundred species that can be found both outdoors and indoors all throughout the world. But only a […]

The “infection” in the intestines of Crohn’s patients is caused by fungi and their mycotoxins

“Typically, an anti-inflammatory medicine merely controls the symptoms of the disease–it doesn’t cure it. That’s because it rarely addresses the true cause of the disease. In other words, if the wrong diet is constantly consumed, or if damage (i.e. yeast overgrowth) is never reversed from previous antibiotic use, a cure can almost never be achieved. […]

Molds Survive at 33,000 Feet in the Air

“However, they also may be transmitting diseases from one side of the globe to the other. The researchers found E. coli in their samples (which they think hurricanes lifted from cities), and they plan to investigate whether plagues are raining down on us.” A team of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology discovered billions of tiny […]

American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Mold Policy Paper

In the world of mold defense and mold research papers, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) Mold Policy Paper titled, Adverse Human Health Effects Associated with Molds in the Indoor Environment, has been used by more defense attorneys to help deny health claims by people who have been exposed to toxic mold than any other. […]


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