Antifungal Medications Help Autistic Children the Most

I would like to share with you an interesting survey from 2009 by the Autism Research Institute of over 27,000 parents’ reports that parents find antifungals, diets, and supplements to be the most effective remedies for improvement in their autistic children. I believe the most important take from this research is that the prescription antifungals outperformed ALL […]

Why you should be supplementing with zinc

In my last article, Zinc Deficiencies: How toxic mold steals zinc from your body, I explained how pathogenic molds (fungi) like candida and aspergillus steal our zinc (Zn) which often leads to a zinc deficiency. When someone is deficient in any vitamin and or mineral, the simple solution for the problem is to supplement. Just like when you are thirsty. […]

Iodine: A great antifungal and disinfectant against mold

Iodine has been used medicinally for well over 2,000 years.  Many medical doctors in the 19th century claimed it as an empirical remedy, a real ” heroic remedy” —-a true present from the science of medicine to mankind. Nobel Laureate Albert Szent Györgyi, the physician who discovered Vitamin C in 1928, commented: “When I was […]

Cat’s Claw: A great natural treatment for your illness

My family and I have been sick (fungal infection) for the toxic effects of mold for the last five years due to living in a home we rented for five years that was seriously infected by toxic mold. In researching natural treatment methods to help treat and cure our illnesses, I have found that there are […]

Learn how whey protein can help you combat the effects of mold toxicity and illness

Many molds (fungi) are parasitic to humans. What this means is that they live off our nutrients and they love the exact same nutrients that we do. This is why people who have fungal infections are often deficient in one or more key vitamins and minerals. Some of these nutrients that I would like to talk about […]

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Fungal Infections and Mold Toxicity

My son and I were featured on Channel 7 news KOAT in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2016 for our use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat his toxic mold illness. It is awesome to have the opportunity to help spread awareness in the media to other people out there who are looking for alternative and […]

Glutathione to Help Detox Your Body

“If you haven’t heard of glutathione yet, you will. In terms of staying healthy, it is one of the most important molecules in the body.” – Dr. Mark Hyman, founder of The UltraWellness Center There are several supplements that my family takes and that I also recommend to others who have become ill and or are suffering from […]

Take Activated Charcoal to Detox and Cleanse the Blood

Activated charcoal (AKA activated carbon or AC) is one of the secret weapon supplements my family takes as part of our mold and detox protocol. I have discovered over the course of my extensive research and my own personal experience that it is simply one of the best natural filters and detoxifying agents known to humankind. Activated […]

The Antifungal, Antibacterial and Cancer Fighting Properties of Garlic

“Garlic then have power to save from death. Bear with it though it maketh unsavory breath, And scorn not garlic like some that think. It only maketh men wink and drink and stink.” – The Englishman’s Doctor, Sir John Harrington (1609) Garlic has long been known for its incredible antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiparasitic and anticancer agents. Garlic is vegetable […]

Use Grape Seed Extract for Mold Illnesses and Fungal Infections

Many of us who suffer from a mold illness and various fungal infections are searching for natural treatments to help fight against these foreign invaders who are trying to overtake our bodies. One of nature’s wonders that I have found through the course of my research that may help you is grape seed extract. It […]


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