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Welcome to Mold Safe Solutions, your go-to expert for mold removal services in East San Diego. With our specialized techniques and dedicated team, we ensure a safe and thorough removal of mold from your home or business. 



At Mold Safe Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch mold removal services tailored to meet the unique needs of our East San Diego clients.

Mold can pose serious health risks and compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to effectively eliminate mold from your property.

Our mold removal services are designed to not only eradicate existing mold but also prevent future growth, ensuring a safe and healthy living environment for you and your loved ones.

With years of experience, a commitment to excellence, and a customer-centric approach, Mold Safe Solutions is the premier choice for mold removal in East San Diego. 

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Mold Inspections

Our experienced team conducts thorough mold inspections to identify the extent of the issue.

Mold Remediation

We use advanced techniques and eco-friendly solutions to remove mold safely.

Repairs & Restoration

Wwe offer comprehensive repair services to address any damage caused by mold infestation.

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Certified Technicians

We are a fully licensed, insured, and certified indoor air quality (IAQ) and mold remediation company

Quick Response

We offer emergency services and a quick response time for most jobs

5-Star Rating

We have a solid track record  with many 5 star reviews

Locally Owned

Mold Safe Solutions is locally owned and operated

3 Year GUarantee

We offer a 3 year guarantee on all our mold remediation jobs

Will Travel

We work with clients all over Southern California and can travel out of the area in special circumstances.

Moe Bedard


Moe Bedard is the CEO of Mold Safe Solutions. He is a certified water mitigation specialist, mold inspector, and remediator.

Over the last decade, he has worked with hundreds of property owners, managers, Homeowner Associations, insurance companies, and real estate agents on their challenging water damage and mold projects.

Chase Bedard

Microbiologist, Mold Inspector & Remediator

Chase is a certified mold inspector and remediator with a degree in microbiology from UC San Diego. 

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