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Hello, my name is Moe and I’m the owner of Mold Safe Solutions. Our office and family home is located in the beautiful community of Fallbrook, Ca. in San Diego County. We love it here!

When dealing with toxins and environmental hazards, you will want to hire the best company to handle the dangerous job without contaminating the rest of your home. If you hire the wrong company who does not implement the strictest safety protocols and procedures, it could make your family sick and even your property uninhabitable.

At Mold Safe Solutions, we utilize the safest, most effective and long lasting mold inspection, removal and restoration techniques in the business. Also, all of our technicians are thoroughly trained, IICRC certified and state licensed. Our company is bonded, licensed and insured as well.

If you have water damage and or find mold in your Fallbrook property, please call give me a call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We can schedule an emergency inspection to determine the extent of the damage and how far the moisture or mold has traveled.

I will give you our recommendations on how to properly to dry your property or remediate the mold in the safest and efficient method possible. My goal is to give you simple details of “what will be done” during the process and what you will be paying for.

Our special process includes the following:

* Prepping the area with proper containment and barriers to protect the rest of the property from airborne spores in the work area.

* Remove wet building materials that cannot be economically dried in place which may include we drywall, carpet, tile, flooring, and ceiling materials.

* Commerical high powered HEPA filters to remove airborne mold particles and negative air pressure so we can quickly get mold counts down to a healthy level in a “safe area.”

* Evaporation enhancement and dehumidification will be used to remove excess water vapor from the environment of the structure.

* We will leave special equipment such as commercial blowers and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry the wood and exposed areas for anywhere from 2-7 days depending on how wet the structure is.

If you have any questions or would like a free quote, please call me anytime at 760-818-6830 or fill out the online form below.

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Simple, Safe, and Affordable..

Our simple 3 point plan makes the mold removal process safe, fast, and affordable!

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Mold Safe Solutions offers free same-day mold removal estimates. We often beat our competitor’s quotes by as much as 25%-50%!


Plan Your Job

Once you hire our company, we will provide a thorough plan for the mold removal and reconstruction of your property in order to make sure the process goes smooth and fast. We are small and agile. This is where we outshine our competitors who are often larger and much slower as a result.


Mold Free

Mold Safe Solutions can often get most jobs done within 4-7 days depending on the size and complexity of the mold problem. Our competitors can and often take several weeks to complete a job. This means you will be mold free and much happier within days of calling us!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Mold Safe Solutions treats our customers how we want to be treated. We have a 5-star rating on both Yelp and Google. Here are a few of our recent reviews.

Came home to a blown up Heater that had also been leaking from the back for a while so we had Mold growing without knowing it. After the plumber removed the broken heater and gave us a temp one, we called around for a mold expert to advice us. So glad we found Moe!! By far, the most knowledgeable person who came by and the easiest with no sales pressure to deal with! We highly recommend Moe and his company should you ever have a water leak. Very down to earth, reasonably priced and best of all, an expert on mold!

Julio T.

San Diego Homeowner

This company was a godsend to us! My husband and I just purchased a new home that needed some mold removed before our baby arrives. We originally worked with another company, but they tried to scam us big time! They claimed the job would cost $5,000+ and take 80 hours of work, but Mold Safe Solutions finished all the work within just a couple hours for a fraction of the cost (I won’t say how much, because Moe was extra accommodating considering what we had been through already).

We’re so grateful that he was so compassionate to our situation and accommodating. This industry can be shady, so please be careful and know that you can trust this one.

Carin H.

Fallbrook Homeowner

Our family struggles with severe mold allergies. Unfortunately all three of us became so sick from hidden mold in our home that we had to leave our home and all of our belongings behind. Now we need to have our new home checked for mold on a regular basis and to educate ourselves on how to prevent mold. Moe, at Mold Safe Solutions, was referred to me by someone with similar circumstances to ours. I’m so glad we called him. He is a very thorough and pays close attention to every important detail when it comes to testing for mold and advising us on what to do to not foster an environment for new mold to grow. We have referred him to our friends and and are using him to inspect and consult us on our rental property as well. It’s so obvious that he cares about his clients and wants to do the best job that he can because he knows what is at stake, our lives!

Thank you Moe at Mold Safe Solutions!!!!! We are so grateful to have met you.

Staci W.

Ladera Ranch, Ca. Homeowner

Mold Safe Solutions LLC.

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