Are EIG hosting companies still considered bad?


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Sep 28, 2022
Not long ago the web hosting company that we dealt with was recently purchased by an EIG company. I didn't initially know they were an EIG company and it didn't matter as we didn't have any say in the acquisition anyway.

There was a lot of bungling, on their side, when they migrated everything over to their servers. Things like emails of our clients suddenly stopped working. Invoices sent out to our clients who had long since taken their domain away. Domain records taking ages to repropagate once transferred, etc. Also the domain records that were transferred had invalid DNS records added to the list.


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Jun 28, 2022
I’m in the process of migrating away from Bluehost because I’m unable to set up proper DMARC records in order to get my business emails accepted by gmail. It’s been a PITA for months. I wish I would have jumped ship sooner. That was a great advice from this site. It is a necesarry resource to learn more about web hosting and other pages.