Mold Causes OC Woman to become mentally unstable, possessed, and abused by her husband


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As part of my ongoing work into the psychiatric and spiritual side effects of toxic mold exposure, I often receive calls and texts from people who are begging me for help. In the last three years, I have heard from at least 100 people or more who were in my opinion on the verge of losing their sanity and lives.

I have often will call these cases Possession and or Demonic parasitic fungi controlling the brain of its victims and their homes are truly haunted houses.

This week on February 12, 2020 I decided to document these stories and what you will see and hear below is my first ever recording of one of these calls.

Please watch this live walk and talk with Moe and a phone call with someone that is losing their mind and possibly their life. Learn how mold causes people to go insane and breaks families apart.