Man grows third lip fungal infection after he pops zit with a moldy knife

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Mold Illness & Disease

I often laugh under my breathe when I hear people say that molds are not dangerous. Stories and pictures like this one are a reminder of their ignorance.

Maybe we people in the know should at least remind these foolish people to at least not to use moldy utensils and or tools to pop their pimples.

Take for example this real story detailed in a recent study published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, about a man who used his woodworking blade to pop a zit under his lip and then developed a nasty fungal infection in the exact same spot.

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The dude then let the hellish infection fester for seven months before going to the hospital, by that time the fungal colony growing under his bottom lip was practically the same size as his lower lip which looked like a legitimate 3rd lip.

The mold (fungus) is called Blastomyces dermatitidis and is most commonly found soil and in decomposing wood and leaves all over North America.

The mold Blastomyces causes a disease called Blastomycosis (also known as “North American blastomycosis”, “blastomycetic dermatitis”, and “Gilchrist’s disease”), which is a fungal infection of humans and other animals such as dogs and cats. It mainly affects the lungs, but the skin is the second most common site of spread after the lungs.

If Blastomycosis is not treated in a timely manner, it can develop into Disseminated Cutaneous Blastomycosis. Essentially, the mold starts growing all over your skin and organs producing moldy lesions making you look like a human mushroom as in the case of this 44-year-old man below.

So I guess growing a third lip is not so bad after all?

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  1. Barbara Hilenski

    Oh my we had some of these in 2015 Doctor had to extract them with a Needle My gosh people wake up.


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