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There are more than 3 million cases of chronic sinus infections per year reported in the United States. A 1999 study by the Mayo Clinic, published on ScienceDaily.com had found that fungus (mold) is likely the cause of nearly all chronic sinus infections. They had said that it is not an allergic reaction to mold, but an immune reaction.

This makes perfect sense. I lived in a moldy home for five years and my whole family had suffered from allergies and chronic sinus infections. Maybe you do as well…

The Science Daily reports:

ROCHESTER, MINN. — Mayo Clinic researchers say they have found the cause of most chronic sinus infections — an immune system response to fungus. They say this discovery opens the door to the first effective treatment for this problem, the most common chronic disease in the United States. (See graph.)

An estimated 37 million people in the United States suffer from chronic sinusitis, an inflammation of the membranes of the nose and sinus cavity. Its incidence has been increasing steadily over the last decade. Common symptoms are runny nose, nasal congestion, loss of smell and headaches. Frequently the chronic inflammation leads to polyps, small growths in the nasal passages which hinder breathing.

“Up to now, the cause of chronic sinusitis has not been known,” say the Mayo researchers: Dr’s. David Sherris, Eugene Kern, and Jens Ponikau, Mayo Clinic ear, nose and throat specialists. Their report appears in the September issue of the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

“Fungus allergy was thought to be involved in less than ten percent of cases,” says Dr. Sherris. “Our studies indicate that, in fact, fungus is likely the cause of nearly all of these problems. And it is not an allergic reaction, but an immune reaction.”

You can read and or print the PDF of the full article below.


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