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Mold Safe Solutions is San Diego’s #1 Mold inspection and testing company. We have the most complete inspections in the business with a comprehensive 20-30 page report including pictures, notes and lab results detailing our findings. We will also offer you free advice on the next steps you should take so you have peace of mind.

Please call (855) 506-4300 for a free quote today.

Mold Safe Solutions currently serves all of San Diego, Orange, and Riverside counties. Our standard fee for a complete property inspection is $375.00 which includes three lab samples.

All inspections are completed by certified mold inspectors who will do a complete visual examination of your property from the outside to the inside and from top to bottom searching for water damage, visible signs of mold, and indications of hidden growth.

We will also perform a forensic investigation of your property that looks inside your walls, ceiling, and floor using our state of the art moisture meters and thermal image leak detectors.

Our inspectors will also test for mold growth with our specialized air sampling machine. We normally take three air samples (two indoor and one outdoor) and then send them to a certified indoor air quality (IAQ) testing laboratory for analysis.

We offer same day appointments if needed be and rush orders.

If you need a mold inspection and testing in the San Diego area, please call us at (855) 506-4300 to schedule today.

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