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Mold Safe Solutions Inc. is a Southern California company that offers mold testing, mold, inspections, remediation, consultations, and education. The Mold Safe Solutions team and affiliate network of mold professionals is comprised of some of the nation’s best experts whose main goal is to help you in this time of need.

“We are family owned and operated business who put people, safety and quality before profits.”

Our family formed this company because we actually had lived unbeknownst to us in a moldy home for 5 years that made us all terribly ill. After years of solving our own problems, we wanted to assist other people who have been impacted by mold to give them truly safe solutions to their toxic mold problems.

If you want to find out more about who we are and our qualifications, please read our bio’s below.

Maurice “Moe” Bedard – CEO & Chief Inspector

Hello, my name is Maurice Bedard but most people call me Moe. I’m the founder, CEO and Chief Inspector of Mold Safe Solutions Inc. I’m also a father of six wonderful children and husband to a beautiful wife.

I formed this company after my family and children got severely ill from a home we rented in Carlsbad, Ca. that unbeknownst had many water damage events in the past and had a severe toxic mold problem hiding in the walls and floors. For 5 years, my children, wife and I suffered needlessly because we were uneducated about the dangers of mold in the home.

I got educated and learned how to keep a mold home free. Over the years, I also learned all natural healing methods that I used to help my family get well.

“It was during this most difficult journey that I made a vow to help other people with the knowledge I learned. To put people before profits.”

Today, I am a certified mold inspector with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and President of the International Association of Mold Professionals (IAMP). I’m also in the process of being certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a certified Environmental Inspector.

Agricola Bedard – Co-Founder & Office Manager

Hi, my name is Agricola! I’m a mother to 3 beautiful children and wife to one of the best husbands in the world who happens to be my partner in this business.

I’m the co-founder and the office manager for Mold Safe Solutions. I take care of the day to day office administration duties, accounting, and customer service.

“More importantly, I’m a wife and mother who has experienced living with her children in a toxic moldy home. I know what it’s like to go through the ups and downs”.

I believe that my husband is one of the nation’s best mold experts. He is also one of the top mold inspectors and remediators in the country.

Together, we helped our family fight the battle and win!

The knowledge we both have attained through both personal experience and expert training make us the perfect company to give you real solutions to your mold problems.

Evan Bedard – Lead Technician

Hello, my name is Evan Bedard and I’m a certified mold inspector and mold remediator. I love working with my family and helping people with real safe solutions to their toxic mold problems.

“After witnessing what my family had went through from living in a toxic moldy home, especially my little brother and sister, I knew I wanted to find a way to help other families like mine.”

My great work ethic and integrity in business come from my father who happens to be the founder and CEO of Mold Safe Solutions. He has taught me everything I know about mold and this toxic business so I can be the greatest help to our precious clients.


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