Will your insurance company cover water and mold damage?

Most insuranceĀ companies have mold exclusions on their policies. Ā For example, Ā if you purchased a home and later down the road you found some old mold growth in your home that has been there for some time, you will most likely not be covered by insurance.Ā But what they will cover is any active or very recent […]

Painting over mold

The most common method to hide mold is by simply painting over it which also happens to be the absolute worst method. Unfortunately, this is exactly what most property managers, landlords and or homeowners do when they have mold on walls, ceilings, wood and or drywall. Many do it ignorantly and some do it purely […]

How to remove toxic mold and smell in drain pipes

Anywhere there is moisture that sits for a prolonged time period and a food source, you are most likely going to find mold. That is why aĀ favorite hiding and breeding place for molds (fungi) is in and on the drains (pipe sweating) of your property. Your drains serve as the delivery mechanism of all the […]

Mold in the Bible

ā€œA house desecrated by mildew, mold, or fungus would be a defiled place to live in, so drastic measures had to be taken.ā€ ā€“ Leviticus 14:4 The dangers of mold have been known for thousands of years. In ancient times, the mold we see in houses today would have been called the plague and the […]


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